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3 Marketing Tips Your Startup Should Steal from Tom Hanks

By Jonathan Clark, Founder, CEO, Diginovas Excerpted with permission In 1996, Tom Hanks made his directorial and writing debut. That Thing You Do! is a sappy yet lively account of a love triangle wrapped in a shooting-star story of a fictional ’60s […]

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Before You Roll the Dice …

By Suzanne Harris, President, Magnificent Publications, Inc. Dan Kohan, you sly devil. The proprietor of Sensical Design, a frequent collaborator, took issue with our post about Amazon’s wireless reading device, Kindle, and its pro’s and con’s versus traditional print publication. He chided […]

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So What Have You Done — Lately? A Question Often Asked of Photographers

Dennis Brack, an award-winning photographer who has covered Washington political events for more than 25 years, recently sent an e-mail to his colleagues, clients, and friends. We excerpt it here as a model for other professionals interested in remaining visible. […]

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A Picture Can Say Much More Than 1,000 Words

By Brian Adams Founder, Big Fish Design When you think of graphic designers, you probably envision trendsetters dressed in black, with artsy piercings and cool boots, right? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I’ve never owned a pair of Doc Martins and […]

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Does Credibility Still Matter?

By Jennifer R. Farmer Excerpted with permission Early in my career, I learned public relations professionals should dutifully manage relationships with the media. Above all, I was instructed to guard my credibility; without it, I’d be of no use to […]

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SEO and Website Image Optimization 10-Point Checklist for Marketers

By Mike Murray Excerpted with permission SEO / Visual Content and Design SEO image optimization should be second nature for content marketers, but it’s easily overlooked. Search traffic loses when haste wins. Before I get into all of the nuances […]

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How to Produce 300 High-Quality Articles a Year: An 8-Step Process

By Sujan Patel, Web Profits Excerpted with permission I don’t keep a running score, but between posts for my personal and company site plus my columns on business media sites like Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes, I create around 300 articles […]

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Marketing Tech Expands Digital Advertising Quality

By Gary Arlen Excerpted with permission At first, digital advertising was about cost-per-click, targeting and personalization. Now, the buzzword is “marketing tech,” (martech) and the tactics involve sophisticated use of big data, including programmatic buying, geofencing, pixel tracking and retargeting […]

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Surprise! Cialdini Adds 7th Principle, Unity

By Roger Dooley Excerpted with permission from Two years ago, I spoke to Dr. Robert Cialdini, the “godfather” of persuasion science and the creator of the celebrated Six Principles of Influence. I asked him if, thirty years after completing […]

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A Different Option for Presentations

By Magnificent Publications, Inc. As meeting coverage experts, we have seen more than our share of PowerPoint presentations, and as writers, editors, and designers we have created them and helped clients make them look as good as possible. Yet, as […]

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