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Sites Brands Cannot Ignore in 2012

Abridged with the author’s permission from PostAdvertising. If you’re a marketer planning for 2012 (maybe a bit late), where should you start? The Post-Advertising team has gathered a list of the websites, social communities, and mobile applications poised for a successful 2012 that need to be on your radar. Not all will fit in your [...]

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Surviving as a Gourmet in a Fast-Food World

This post originally appeared on the Brain Traffic blog. Reprinted with the author’s permission. I just finished reading Michael Arrington’s “The End of Hand-Crafted Content” (also published elsewhere as “AOL’s New Fast-Food-Content Strategy Means the End of Journalism You Actually Enjoy.” How. Depressing. Since reading Wired’s apocalyptic article, “The Answer Factory: Demand Media and the [...]

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Marketers, Listen Up: The FTC May Be on Your Case

New FTC guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials are now in effect, and if you do any marketing on the Internet, you need to be up to date. The full guidelines can be found here along the right sidebar, but we’ve summarized some of the more Internet-pertinent points below. 1: Advertisements that feature a consumer and [...]

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Top Management Is Paying Attention

Too often posting on the Internet can feel like shouting into the void.  The sheer size of the Web makes it difficult to tell if your words are being read by anyone who matters.  Here’s good news. A study by Forbes and Google (free registration required) suggests that senior executives are increasingly attentive to what [...]

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It’s Official: Content Marketing Is Mainstream

Abridged from a post on the Junta 42 blog with the author’s permission. King Fish Media recently conducted a highly informative survey of 189 marketing professionals, with help from Hubspot, Upshot, and Junta42. If you’re in the publications department of an organization that hasn’t yet jumped on the content marketing bus, try showing your executive [...]

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Gourmet: Tasty Leftovers?

Abridged and reprinted from ideaLaunch Blog with permission of the author and ideaLaunch. Gourmet, one of the most revered foodie magazines, recently announced it will be ceasing publication after nearly 69 years in print. As webizens, we can’t help but feel just a little bit guilty for perhaps playing a part in the demise of [...]

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Taking Your Site on the Road

In his current Alertbox, Web usability expert Jakob Nielsen asks the same question most of us ask: How fast can we get what we want? His observations have some interesting implications for the future of mobility. 1 Second When the computer takes more than 0.1 second but less than 1 second to respond to your [...]

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Kaiser’s New Niche Wire Service

With the launch of Kaiser Health News, the Kaiser Family Foundation now offers newspapers and bloggers a free, editorially independent source of high-quality, in-depth reporting on health issues. To the publications industry, it could be a peek at the future of content creation and distribution. Health policy wonk and Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein writes [...]

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Where to Meet Your Peers

Conference season begins in spring, and two in particular will interest publications and Web content managers: A Knowledge Sharing Summit for Online Professionals May 5 – 7 in Philadelphia J Boye, the conference organizer, says participants will consist of: Web practitioners in the widest sense; web managers, web project managers, intranet managers and other online [...]

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What Fundraisers Can Do Better

Potential donors know what they want to see on the Website of a worthy cause. Yet fewer than half of nonprofits put that information on their home pages. Those are among the key findings of a recent study by usability guru Jakob Nielsen. If he is right, nonprofits leave a huge amount of money on [...]

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