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More Money for Your Meeting Time

Our friends in Canada The Conference Publishers are celebrating their 25th anniversary. Canadians seem to go to greater lengths than Americans to record their deliberations for future reference. As meeting coverage professionals, we endorse this approach, but possibly for different reasons. In observance of their 25th , The Conference Publishers held a focus group among [...]

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Does PowerPoint Make You Stupid?

We’ve alluded in the past to Edward Tufte’s screed against The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint. To summarize, he argues that PowerPoint forces presenters to dumb down their arguments to bullet points, eliminating logical structure in favor of lists where everything carries the same weight, and to severely limit the amount of information the audience receives [...]

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Flip Chart + Skill = Polished Report

Abridged with permission from “Ease in Writing,” the newsletter of Full Circle Communications. You’ve probably participated in a retreat or brainstorming session where all those great ideas somehow get lost in the shuffle once you’re back in the office. While a write-up of the action won’t guarantee success, it definitely increases the chances. “A report [...]

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“Nested Content:” Right-Sized Minutes

Only a handful of companies specialize in expert meeting coverage. We’re one. Another is The Conference Publishers, based in Ottawa. If you’re a long-time reader of The Editorial Advantage, you may recall a guest article written for us by their senior managers about the continued importance of face-to-face meetings in a world of teleconferencing. Recently [...]

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Conference Calls and Call Recording with Skype

Relatively few offices have abandoned their phone lines in favor of Internet telephony, often called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). If you are in the majority not quite ready to cut the telephone cord, transferring some of your work onto the Internet may save you time and money. I use Skype, a free, downloadable program [...]

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Sorry, You Can’t Have My Notes

It’s a fairly regular occurrence when we cover meetings: an attendee or participant, having noticed the rapporteur typing away in the corner throughout the proceedings, comes over and asks if it might be possible to get a copy of those notes. The answer is always the same: our company has a policy against it. Now [...]

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Presentations in Exactly Six Minutes, Forty Seconds

It’s the Dogme 95 of PowerPoint. Invented in Tokyo in 2003 by a pair of architects, Pecha Kucha (pronounced peCHAKcha, Japanese for “chatter”) requires performers to present exactly 20 slides for exactly 20 seconds apiece. According to the official Web site, Pecha Kucha events have now been held in 100 cities around the world. Like [...]

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Make Your Next Intellectual Info-Unit a Great One

In a recent post, we discussed how Jan V. White, the eminent designer, integrates graphics with copy to win readers. Another lesson follows. Most editors I know put off writing captions until the very last minute. Instead, try writing them first. In Editing by Design, White points out: “Picture captions are the most important words [...]

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Make Your Next Presentation a Talk Show

As I’ve mentioned, we cover a lot of meetings and see a lot of presentations. We’re always interested in the ingredients for success. Andy Goodman thinks he’s found them. The consultant with Cause Communications spells them out in his book Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes—and How to Ensure They Won’t Happen To Yours. [...]

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How To Use PowerPoint

Did you hear the one about ….? Congregants of Rev. Tom Ambrose, of St. Mary and St. Michael Church in Trumpington, England, met in September to complain of several things about their vicar, most notably that he delivered the Christmas sermon last year (and several since then) using Microsoft PowerPoint. From the Daily Mail (London), [...]

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