How to Keep Your Company Blog Well Fed With Posts

Abridged with the author’s permission from The Search Agents.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog of your own, here are a few lessons I’ve learned to keep my blog, The Search Agents, well fed:

  1. It takes a village. Take advantage of the fact that you have a company blog by getting everyone in the company to contribute.   If they work at your company, whatever their role, they can offer a unique perspective on something that somehow ties back to your business and customers.  Have them share it and don’t accept excuses for why they can’t write a post.  And the best way to do this is to…
  1. Make it easy. Some people blog, personally or professionally, and already know everything about blogging.  Others haven’t written a long-form piece since their senior year of college.  In either case, just get them to get their ideas down on paper.   I’ll take their content in any form – word document, e-mail, cocktail napkin, whatever.  Don’t make them load all their content into your admin site and click “submit for review.”    Just have them send you the content and offer to clean it up, spruce it up, and publish it.  And if that still doesn’t work…
  1. Buy a recording device. For some, writing in any form beyond instant message, texts, or tweets is a PITA. They have great ideas which they have no problem articulating in a presentation, client meeting, or over lunch.   Let them speak, use some speech-to-text translation service, and edit away.  In most cases, it means you’ll end up having to…
  1. Ghostwrite (but not completely). Every organization has their pundits or thought leaders.  And almost none of them have “pundit” as their job title.  They already have a day job and it consumes a lot of their time.  Asking them to write a blog post from scratch works some of the time, but not when they are busy.  Get them to share the main points with you, write it up in their voice, send it to them for review, and publish.  Maybe you’ll find the topic could benefit from additional perspectives.  In this case, you should definitely…
  1. Crowdsource. Whenever there’s a big news story, we all think it would be great to get our POV up on the blog, but no one has the time to actually write a POV for the blog.  When there is a big industry development,  you can either try to write the post yourself (hard) or send an e-mail out to 10 or 15 really smart people in the company, and ask them to give their quick reaction.  Write a short intro summarizing the industry development with a few links to more in-depth stories from mainstream publications, add in the commentary from your assembled panel of esteemed experts, and voila, another blog post.  You can see some examples of our crowdsourcing work when Microsoft and Yahoo! announced their search alliance.

Alec Green is VP of Marketing at The Search Agency. He had twice as many tips as we had room for here; read the rest at his original post.

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