Predictions Roundup!

The New Year is here, and with it an avalanche of predictions about what 2012 will bring. Here are a few from some of our favorite marketing blogs. The short version? It’s time to get mobile.

PostAdvertising lets us know why mobile will rule the world in 2012. Katie Edmonson touches on the explosive growth of Instagram, the fact that NBC plans to use Foursquare to map the presidential campaign, and our coming ability to leave wallets at home and just shop with our phones.

The Search Agents blog collects predictions from several members of its staff. Most of them foresee sharp rises in mobile marketing. Keith Wilson even claims that “Mobile search will exceed 20% share of search queries by the end of 2012″.

Heidi Cohen offers seven broad predictions. She agrees that mobile marketing will be a high priority, but also argues that email marketing will remain relevant; that social media will extend beyond marketing to touch market research, customer service, post-sales support, and investor relations; and that content will remain the most important element of all.

Drew McLellan interviews Ann Mack, JWT’s Director of Trendspotting, and highlights a few surprising trends for 2012, including the increasingly entrepreneurial mindset of those in their 20s and the rise of bargain alternatives to a wide range of products and services.

Taking a slightly different tack, Sarah Moraes of Vertical Measures lists six internet marketing books worth reading in 2012. While not a prediction per se, that’s basically just another way of telling us what will be important in 2012, which isn’t radically different from 2011: social media marketing, SEO, and using analytics to test your content. The reading list from TopRank Blog looks similar: books on mobile marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.

And perhaps most optimistic of all, MarketingProfs collects marketing New Year’s resolutions like “care about content first” and “more experimentation and testing.”



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