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A Picture Can Say Much More Than 1,000 Words

By Brian Adams

Founder, Big Fish Design

When you think of graphic designers, you probably envision trendsetters dressed in black, with artsy piercings and cool boots, right? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I’ve never owned a pair of Doc Martins and I drive a minivan. The design industry might project a certain image to the world, but the truth of the matter is that the majority of design jobs are not sexy, but utilitarian.

For example, we develop a lot of infographics for our clients because, let’s be honest, PowerPoint can only get you so far. Our clients have an idea in mind, but don’t really know how to illustrate what they are thinking — that’s where we come in. After a conversation and maybe a few sketches, we will create a rough computer rendering that illustrates the process as we understand it, and then we will have a few rounds of back and forth with the client until the graphic does its job. That is when we can push the design of the infographic further and give it some style…

Last week, we helped a company develop some infographics for a government proposal they were submitting. Their initial sketches were a tangle of arrows and illegible text, but we worked closely with them to simplify their ideas to the most basic elements and developed a series of graphics that had a consistent look throughout the publication …

A properly rendered infographic can be the difference between getting the contract or not. PowerPoint graphics look amateurish, and if you’re competing with the big boys, you can bet that they have a team of designers working on their proposal. Don’t lose that contract because your graphics are confusing and muddled — let us help you get your ideas on paper and beat those guys!

Located just outside of Washington, DC, Big Fish Design has been helping companies with their design needs for over 20 years.

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