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Several colleagues founded Magnificent Publications in 1995. We envisioned the company as an alternative to the conventional model in outsourced communications. Clients dealt with account executives, who gave direction to a creative department. The creatives came back with products, which the executives presented to clients.

We questioned this model. In our experience, most writers, editors, art directors, photographers, and graphic designers could deal with clients perfectly well. Magnificent Publications gives them an opportunity to do so. Our model has worked well for more than two decades.

Digital and print publications: In both media, publications developers need flexibility in order to be competitive. Consider that, in this country, there are:

  • One billion or more websites1
  • More than 530,000 new start-ups each month, on average.2
  • 90 percent of Web users age 25–44 who read newspaper articles online.3

We develop websites for authors, draft book chapters for professional associations and university faculties, edit reports for nonprofits, cover meetings for government agencies, deliver verbatim transcripts as well as concise reports on a fast-turnaround basis, design reports and magazines, develop support materials for professional conferences, and more.

Our adage: “Don’t give clients what they ask for. Give them what they hope for.” Please call us at (202) 544-5490 to talk about your organization’s hopes.

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