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prizewriterMagnificent Publications, Inc. considers it our responsibility to help writers sell ideas to publishers. That done, we help writers promote their books. Isn’t that the publisher’s job? Sadly, no longer. Ask a published author. The publisher provides an imprimatur. Unless you’re Margaret Atwood, the rest is up to you.

“The rest” is a big deal. Basically, it is the marketing required to find readers and sell books. Most authors survey the waterfront for publishers, get discouraged, and decide to self-publish. This is why the number of small self-publishers is on the rise. Publishers typically do not have a clue who buys their books and why. (Amazon is an exception, as you’ll discover if you order a book and find ads for similar books popping up on your website.)

Attention, managers: Whatever you’re paid to do, it probably isn’t writing. That’s our job.

How do we do it?

  • Identify target audiences. (“everyone” is not the correct answer; “friends and family” is correct for most writers.) For many writers, the audience consists of people who bought similar books or live in a particular region of the country. Evidence: Amazon’s “Your Recently Viewed Items and Featured Recommendations.”
  • Then we search for publishers who have sold titles similar to your book.
  • We look them up on the Internet and find the highest placed editor(s) at that publishing company. If they specialize by field, we find the top editor(s) in your field.
  • We handle the entire query process.
  • With luck, you will attract a “champion,” someone at the publishing house who thinks your book might have promise.
  • We’ll respond to every nibble with an outline of your book, introduced by a gracious paragraph thanking your champion for his or her interest.
  • Nibblers are asked, “Please let me know if you would like to see a sample chapter.”
  • Based on the editor’s comments, we polish the manuscript and send it, preferably electronically.
  • After your attorney has vetted the proposed contract, and it has been negotiated and signed, the marketing begins.
  • We will help you arrange readings and book signings.
  • Our photographers will capture your presentations.
  • We will monitor your C panel and e-newsletter service to see how many visitors are dropping in.
  • Our Web developers will post excerpts from reviews, displaying the most favorable prominently.

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