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PhotoPlaySM — Animate Your Message

Say you’re launching a podcast — radio over the Web. Unless you’re driving, in which case nothing should distract you, it’s boring to see only swirls on the screen. You could produce video, but that can cost a lot. You could do it yourself, but except for professional videographers, we know what do-it-yourself videos usually look like.

Solution? Photoplay.SM We make “dissolves” from photographs. One photo fades out, the next fades in. You probably have seen this technique in television documentaries. Audio coordinates with photos. PhotoPlays are remarkably affordable. We wondered why more organizations didn’t produce them. You will, too.

PhotoPlay from Woge Media, LLC on Vimeo.


Why not simply do it myself?

You can — if you have the time and are willing to engage in a steep learning curve. Even then, you may not achieve the professional results you require. PhotoPlay is for busy professionals who have better things to do than try and become proficient in a field that is not their own.

Where is PhotoPlay useful?
Anywhere you want to engage the attention of an audience. Trade shows, annual meetings, book signings, conferences, and other venues. PhotoPlays are short and to the point. They can move your audience to action.

How is PhotoPlay put together?

  • Draft a voice-over script
  • Assemble photos and other images, such as illustrations
  • Create a story board, which matches script with images in two columns
  • Record the script
  • Listen to it. You will probably want to re-record it. Almost no one gets it right the first time
  • Hire a videographer to create the PhotoPlay
  • Show the finished product to a few people whose opinions you trust
  • Give their advice careful consideration
  • Launch the final PhotoPlay and stay tuned for phone calls and e-mails

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