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Friendly PersuadersSM

friendly-persuadersAll writing is persuasive. Professionals in all fields want to sell something: a product or service, ideas, techniques, news, opinions, and more.

Most writers share one fear: the blank page.

In their classic, highly readable How to Write: Communicating Ideas and Information, Herbert E. and Jill M. Meyer recommend walking away from the computer screen or note pad and telling the story as if they were talking to a friend. This happened, then that, and that. Then write it down.

At Magnificent Publications, we rewrite incessantly.

We check facts.

Unless on deadline, we sleep on our work. In the morning, we see ways to improve the previous night’s draft.

We assign editors to provide substantive editing if needed, line edit, copy edit, and proofread.

When the project team is satisfied with our product, we encourage our clients to allow us to conduct a beta test, in which people representative of the target audience review our work and provide feedback. Were they persuaded?

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