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They Were Pushed Down … But They Persevered

How Local History Reflects the Wider World St. Petersburg’s Historic 22nd Street South The History Press, Charleston, SC, ©2002 By Rosalie Peck and Jon Wilson Magnificent Publications requested the following excerpt as an example of how to make local history relevant […]

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Development Works

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On Questions and Answers

In the eternal battle between those who answer questions and those who question answers, it is generally best to side with the questioners.” — Dr. Mardy Grothe, from Metaphors Be With You Post supplied by Paul Rockower from Metaphors Be With You by […]

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3 Marketing Tips Your Startup Should Steal from Tom Hanks

By Jonathan Clark, Founder, CEO, Diginovas Excerpted with permission In 1996, Tom Hanks made his directorial and writing debut. That Thing You Do! is a sappy yet lively account of a love triangle wrapped in a shooting-star story of a fictional ’60s […]

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Before You Roll the Dice …

By Suzanne Harris, President, Magnificent Publications, Inc. Dan Kohan, you sly devil. The proprietor of Sensical Design, a frequent collaborator, took issue with our post about Amazon’s wireless reading device, Kindle, and its pro’s and con’s versus traditional print publication. He chided […]

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So What Have You Done — Lately? A Question Often Asked of Photographers

Dennis Brack, an award-winning photographer who has covered Washington political events for more than 25 years, recently sent an e-mail to his colleagues, clients, and friends. We excerpt it here as a model for other professionals interested in remaining visible. […]

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Proof that Influence Is Real

By Magnificent Publications, Inc. As marketers have turned their attention more and more to social media, they have become increasingly interested in how people influence their peers. Specifically, they have begun looking for so-called “influencers”—early adopters who spread ideas to […]

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